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Hurtigruten Expeditions’ cruises allow travelers to explore spectacular destinations, while safeguarding the wildlife, communities and destinations they visit.

All of Hurtigruten Expeditions’ cruises are dedicated to protecting and preserving the vulnerable wildlife they see and ecosystems they visit, with sustainability at the core of everything they do.

The biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage Galápagos Marine Reserve is extraordinary. Here are some of the ways Hurtigruten Expeditions upholds environmentally responsible travel, including reducing fuel emissions, and more.  

Climate action
Fuel emissions contribute to global warming. Hurtigruten is committed to continued innovation in green technology and cleaner fuel. They introduced the world’s first hybrid electric–powered cruise ships, and many of their ships use liquefied natural gas and biogas, a renewable fossil-free fuel produced from organic waste.

Plastic and pollution 
Plastic pollution is the biggest threat to our oceans’ health, wreaking havoc on marine wildlife and marine ecosystems. Hurtigruten was the first major cruise line in the world to ban all single-use plastic from our entire fleet of ships. They also have a long history of engaging in beach clean-ups and use every landing as an opportunity to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment

People and communities
Hurtigruten is dedicated to creating a positive impact on the communities they visit. They source products and services from local suppliers and offer their guests insight into the culture of the communities they visit. Hurtigruten believes in the importance of cultural exchange and mutual respect and understanding.  

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    Sailing beyond imagination: the Galápagos Islands

    Sometimes called a ‘living laboratory,’ the remote Galápagos Islands are a unique example of pristine nature. With a focus on science and conservation, Hurtigruten Expedition Team members share their knowledge about the unique and fragile ecology of the Galápagos Islands and why protecting them is so important. 

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